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The server has been updated in order to support Minecraft versions from 1.9 up to 1.10.2. That means you can connect to BlazePVP using your preferred Minecraft version! As usual after every server update, if you find any bug/glitch, please report it on the forums. Thank you!
Bass_Buster What about 1.10 new items?
For a limited time only, get 35% off every order in the donation store. That means 35% off ranks, items, special commands and much more!

Server updated to 1.10!

Titanium922 aOwner posted Jun 8, 16
EDIT: I reverted the server back to 1.9.4 temporarily due to multiple bug reports.
Minecraft 1.10 has been released and BlazePVP has been updated to support it! The only thing that broke after updating are the statues are spawn and they'll be fixed asap. If you find any bug/glitch please report it on the forums. Thank you! 

Server updated to 1.9.4!

Titanium922 aOwner posted Jun 4, 16
The server has been updated to 1.9.4 and will require you to have your Minecraft client updated to 1.9.4 in order to join. Enjoy!
The applications to become a Helper are now closed. We now have 6 new Helpers: STor_m_, Foxy_Krystal, TheIceKnight, PoppinBubbles, Dragon87 and Lord_of_Night! Congrats!
WithLifeIsDeath DonatorHELPER Congrats.
Lowriders DonatorHELPER Just a heads up, i changed my IGN to: Lowriders! (Im foxy btw)
DunkinDonuts00 DonatorPremiumLEGENDPLATINUM Dang lol I missed it.
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